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9.Kai Ken

Kai Ken

The Kai Ken (additionally known as the Tiger dog for the distinct brindle markings on its coat) is believed to be probably the most historic and uncommon dog breed in Japan. They originated from wild mountain dogs within the distant district of Kai and have been used as search dogs for many of their historical past. The breed hadn’t been acknowledged in Japan till 1931 and was unknown within the USA till the early 1990s. In 1934 the Kai Ken was awarded a nationwide treasure standing in Japan and is now protected by the legislation.

Being a searching breed, the Kais are very clever, athletic, wholesome, and impartial. They housebreak simply and are pretty simple to coach, though they do require an agency hand and good socialization from the very start. They make good inside-house canines, comfortable to stay in a residence so long as they’re getting sufficient walks within the park. Nevertheless, the Kais have to be stored on a leash – in any other case their robust searching instincts will take over and lead them off on a chase of prey.

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