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What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Bananas Every Day

5. A Bananas is Primarily a Sports activities Drink in Fruit Type

In case you’re on the lookout for the proper pre- or mid-workout snack, bananas fill the invoice. A study carried out at Appalachian State College discovered that consuming bananas throughout an extended exercise helped gas efficiency in addition to sports activities drinks.

This sort of analysis exhibits which you could have more healthy carbohydrate sources earlier than and after train that may help athletic efficiency simply in addition to a sports activities drink,” mentioned Dr. David C. Nieman, one of many examine’s lead authors.

The easy carbs out there in bananas could be transformed rapidly into power, and the truth that they’re excessive in potassium (an electrolyte) might help stop dehydration. Bananas even have a number of vitamins (akin to antioxidants, fiber and vitamin B-6) that aren’t usually present in sports activities drinks.

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